Thursday, August 28, 2008

First Week of Class

This looks to be a promising semester. Things are going well for me, in almost every aspect of life. My medical school applications are submitted and I have already been offered an interview! Yay! Now I just continue waiting. People tell you that the waiting game is the hardest part of the process. Well, I can say with confidence that they are dumb. I am loving this waiting stuff. Taking the MCAT was the hardest part. Passing Organic Chemistry II was up there. Now, I get to relax...finally...ummm, well, sort of.

The gem of my semester is going to be Physical Chemistry...notoriously evil. According to the syllabus: Upon completion of this course, students should be able to understand the principles of classical and quantum mechanics as they apply to biophysical experiment and theory.

Oh, should we now? Well, maybe you should speak for yourself, dumb syllabus. What does that even mean? Well, at least I got the prof to notice me in a class of 130 people. It's always important to stand out. How, you may ask? By laughing out loud when she said, as serious as could be, "failure is common."

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