Friday, November 09, 2007

This is for everyone who is using my comment space to push your political propaganda:
Haha! Ok, seriously though guys, quit it, it's annoying. I wouldn't even bring it up, but I am tired of reading these stupid comments. This blog is mainly for my family and friends who like to read up on me. Oh and guess what, most of us are Armenian. This means that we believe the Armenian Genocide actually occurred. SO you can try to convince me it didn't by regurgitating what you have been taught by your clearly subjective sources, but it won't actually work. I have already heard every possible reason of why it wasn't technically a "genocide" and frankly, it really demonstrates to me the ignorance and blatant disregard of facts and history. That includes you, Armenians. Like I said, you don't have to convince me it happened, I already believe it, so stop sending me stuff.

Please, understand that I do not think that modern day Turkey or modern day Turks are to blame. That time was a completely different time with a completely different government. My mother and her whole side of the family lived in Turkey for a long time. It holds a dear place in our hearts. I have been there myself, and I loved it! It was wonderful and very beautiful. The Armenian Genocide did happen, in fact, I have family that were killed in it. To sit there and try to tell me it was all a made up lie I consider to be the utmost disrespect for me, my family, and my people. 1.5 million Armenians killed is not a coincidence.

Being a true-blue American, I believe in Freedom of Speech, so it's fine to say what you think...just don't do it on my blog. Thanks! :) No hard feelings.