Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Texas Adventure from Europe...

THE BEST THING JUST HAPPENED!!!! GOD IS GOOD! Like literally about 10 minutes ago. I will actually graduate this summer!

You know that the problem was that I was lacking a Visual Performing Arts credit. I have been trying to solve this problem since March. My advisors said that if I petitioned for a transfer from the Harding Art class I took, it would be fine. What those idiots didn't take into account was that it was only worth 2 hours and Texas requires 3. I hadn't heard from the first petition for over a month and via email from here in Europe I kept desperately emailing my advisors and all kinds of secretaries and stuff. A couple of days ago they emailed me my approved petition, but pointed out I was still one hour short of graduating. I have been devastated, so I started searching for a summer class I can take. There was only one available and it was full. I desperately emailed the professor and she said she would try to help me get in, but there were no guarantees. That was today. My only other hope was a second petition I submitted a day before I left for England. I emailed them about it again today...been doing that almost every day...and TODAY THEY EMAILED ME BACK AND SAID IT WAS APPROVED!!! So I don't have to take a summer class, and I DO get to graduate and I WON'T GET KICKED OUT OF MEDICAL SCHOOL. I knew I was stressed about it, but I didn't realize how badly. I just started crying in front of everyone as I read that email . It was pretty pathetic, but it makes for a PERFECT start to my vacation in France. I feel so light and carefree now. I AM OFFICIALLY GRADUATING AND GOING TO MEDICAL SCHOOL!!!! YAYAYAYYYAY!

European Adventures: Part 2

We are leaving to go to the South of France tomorrow. We will be going to Nice and Cannes in France, then onto Monte Carlo, Monaco. AAAHHAHHAHA! Can this be real!? I am excited beyond words! I can't believe it! These are the most amazing places in France. Ocean front suite at the hotel. EEEEEeeeekkkkkkk!

We are having such a great time. We went on a picnic in front of a 5000 year old castle today. Cool, eh? We also went to northern Wales earlier this week, thereby adding another country to the list of countries we visited. We went to London a few days ago and THAT WAS THE MOST FUN OF ALL. We are going back next week again to continue seeing all the sights. Yay!

Love you all and miss you lots.

Sorry that the posts are not coming along as much as I thought, but that's just because there is too much fun to be had! All shall be revealed in time...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

European Adventures: Part 1

I am having a WONDERFUL time here so far! I arrived in Bristol, U.K. on Sunday and have been having a great time since! It's only been 3 days, but we already we feel so welcome at my aunt and uncle's. Fredo Hopar and Stella Auntie have been so hospitable! Our guest room looks like a fancy room at an inn. They live in a beautiful, old Victorian house that has been remodeled inside. They keep insisting that their house is ours and have made us feel very comfortable here. Everyday so far, Stella has taken us somewhere to sightsee during the day, then Celina comes home from school, and we all hang out together. By the time afternoon rolls around, Seelva and I are exhausted from the day and jetlag. We have taken to exploring the city on our own in the afternoons and meeting some of the locals. Everyone is so friendly and seem to be thrilled that we are Americans from TEXAS. The Texas part is always their favorite.

Bristol is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Every street, every building, and every shop is exactly how you would picture things to be in England. There are beautiful, old victorian building everywhere. Bright colors and gardens are along every winding cobblestone road.

We've been taking it pretty easy these few days to recover from jetlag, but we are about to start a round of day excursions to see more of England. This includes Bath, Cheddar, Stonehenge, and some city in Wales. Yayyy! Also, Fred and Stella have planned a 3 day trip to the South of France. We are going to Nice, Cannes, Monte Carlo, and Monaco. YYIIIIPPPPEEEEE! It is supposed to be the most beautiful time of year to be there in the most beautiful part of France. Eventually, Seelva and I are going on our own little three day excursion to experience London and then another one to experience Paris. Depending on how our finances work out, we may take a train to Germany to visit Melis, but that is still up in the air.

I am overwhelmed by the generosity that we are recieving here. I have the best family ever! I am so blessed! Love and miss you all back home!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Europe and Europeans are Fun

This has been a crazy, fun week! I haven't been around much, but that is because there has been a lot going on. We have had relatives from Europe come for my cousin's wedding, so we have been entertaining one German and one Frenchman! It has been great. I love Europeans. I love showing off the great city of Houston and getting to know family members that I didn't even know existed until about a month ago.

Since last Thursday, I have had a night at Rice Village, gone to my sister's high school graduation, thrown an awesome birthday party for one of my favorite people, gone to a rehearsal dinner, cousin's Wedding, a day to recover from cousin's wedding, a 2 day trip to Austin (vineyards in the Hill Country, 6th street, swimming in Lake Travis), and a Dynamo game.

The BIG news is that I LEAVE FOR EUROPE IN 2 DAYS!!! The next two days are devoted to packing and spending my last few moments with friends and family that I will miss. It's been 5 years since I was there last, and I have been dying to go back since. I absolutely love to travel and see and experience new things. It's a "graduation/congrats on med school" present from my parents. A sort of last hurrah before my life gets sucked away. :) My little sister, Seelva, who just graduated from high school is going too...we make a good team! Shenanigans will abound! We will be there for 3 weeks!!! We'll be primarily in England, but hopefully this will include a mini-trip to Paris and possibly one to Germany as well.

I'll keep you updated with pictures and tales of our grand European adventures!