Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Wish

This is the last day of the WORST YEAR EVER!!! Hooray! One year ago, this very week (between Christmas and New Years), was when I first got sick. It would take me three months to find out it was life-threatening.

I have been sick more days this year than I have been well. I have been on steriods almost half of the year, and that has not been pretty. I went from having a pleasing and abundant social life to being consumed with trying to stabilize my life and recover from being sick all the time. No time for fun. 2006 has not been so hot for me, but at the same time it has been a blessing. I am really blessed to have wonderfully supportive family and friends. I am blessed to have lived without much damage. I have come a long way and am feeling pretty good now. There are always slight setbacks, but it is definitely a 3 steps forward, 1 step back type thing. The best part of all is that I have an awesome testimony for God. Isn't that our purpose anyway? We are supposed to be telling everyone about Jesus and how he saved us. I feel so lucky to have such an interesting story to tell. It couldn't be more dramatic if I planned it, and after all, isn't that what people love to hear about? Just escaping death and gore!

Overall, I am ready to start a new year as a healthy, always happy, person. There are definitely things I need to improve on, but I have been praying that there be a shower of blessings on my family. They have stayed close to God despite the troubles that have come upon us this year. There were at least four of us hospitalized this year. Each serious in it's own way. It felt like we were under attack, but God took us under His wing just like He promised. He always does. I hope and pray this year will be a blessing!

Saturday, December 16, 2006


I just scrubbed in on my very first surgery. Naturally, I touched nothing, but it was still the coolest thing ever!!! I got to watch a live c-section! I got to see a new life begin and it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

I shadowed my boss, a superb neonatologist, today. I got to see so many amazing and interesting things. Today really confirmed my desire to be a doctor. I want to be a part of that world. The people there are so smart and make such a huge difference. I shadowed in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). It was full of teeny, tiny, very sick premies. I also saw some babies who were recovering very nicely. I was really lucky though because I got to see so many really cool procedures done including a neonatal spinal tap and arterial line, an epidural, and the emergency admittance of a septic infant. I got to see all aspects of the doctor's life including the oncall room, emergencies, dealing with hurting families, and going on rounds. It was a absolutely amazing experience. I can't wait to become a doctor. Wish me luck on my MCATs!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


The weirdest stuff happens on public transportation. I love riding public tramsportation because you never know who you are going to meet. It's a perfect chance to brighten someones day by giving up your seat or just smiling at them. I like people watching too. Thinking about who they are and what they might be up to.

I was riding the MetroRail from my $3 parking garage to the medical center (where it normally costs $11 to park), when I met a random (old?) man holding a cooked turkey. He had barely stepped onto the train when I noticed him staring at me. This happens alot so I pretended not to notice, when all of a sudden he struck up a conversation:
-You are the sexiest 82 year old I have ever seen.
-What? (Trying not to burst out laughing.)
-Your hoodie says established 1924...that makes you 82...(my Harding hoodie)
-I guess I do age pretty well...haha.
-I bet your husband/boyfriend is 106. You married?
-You know girls should always marry older guys. Young guys nowadays are so immature.
And don't you worry, the right guy will come for you. You know in my day....[a 5 minute speech ensues about how boys in his day were respectful of women and they didn't take bazookas to school to shoot each other, they took footballs and an occasional book...and people didn't get knocked up at age 12, and I should just have fun, but be careful not the get knocked up.] And by the way, if I was looking to have a little fun, he is a fun guy, and could take me out for some drinks.

Despite myself, I am laughing out loud at this point. People on the train are smiling, I even hear some muffled chuckles. I politely smile at this guy, and say thanks for the offer, but this is my stop. As I get off the train, so does he. He continues talking: he has not stopped talking since the moment he got on the train and spotted me. He tells me that when I date the next guy or break up with the current guy for being a jerk...I should put an add in the Chronicle for: [his name here] inviting an older, more mature man for drinks and a "fun time." Then he tells me to have a blessed day, as I cross the street to work. Haha!