Sunday, April 16, 2006

Shuhnorehavore Zadeek

Happy Easter Everyone!!!

Today is a day to celebrate! Jesus is risen from the dead! Of course as Christians we celebrate this each and every single day of our lives, but seeing as I am an Armenian…today is a day full of PARTIES!!! As a TRUE Armenian, we will use any excuse to party, especially something that is as great and worth partying about as Jesus’ Resurrection. I find it odd that Easter is not a bigger holiday than Christmas. To an Armenian it is just as big of a deal, if not even more important. Jesus’ birth is an amazing and wonderful thing, but the fact that He conquered death is where the real miracle is!!!

Here is an example of an awesome Armenian tradition on Easter:
When you see a fellow Armenian (or anyone for that matter) you exclaim with joy:
Heesoos haryav ee merelots! (Jesus is risen from the grave!)
Then, the person replies one of two ways:
Orhneyal eh harootyun uh Christos ee! (Blessed is the resurrection of Christ!)
Tsez oo mez medz avedees! (Great news for you and me!)

I think this is one of the most beautiful traditions EVER! We are told to proclaim the good news to others. What better way to do it than to literally say it to one another. I think this should be a tradition spread to all Christians on all days of the year. Let us proclaim the miracle of Jesus and the salvation He brings us. HOORAY!

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