Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Last Will & Testament

At one point in ICU I had to sign a paper that was a sort of legal will thingy…I think that is what it was. Basically, they wanted to know who would be in charge of my possessions if “something were to happen.” They also wanted to know if I would consent to life support. Can you believe that? Isn’t that intense? At the time I was amused and actually was joking with the nurse about my last wishes, but the reality of it is the fact that they asked. God is so amazing. In times like that He gives you a sort of peace. I was calm and just knew deep down, that it wouldn’t come to that. Praise be to God, that it never did come to that.


Moma Huff said...

You are an amazing young woman! I want to thank you for all you are doing to help the registration team get name tags and gift bags done...we couldn't have done it without your help. So see...you are a blessing to me in many ways...you always have a positive outlook on life and I know it's because you have your eyes on Jesus! Love ya, Diane Huff

Seelva said...