Thursday, April 06, 2006

Baking Bread

I am all alone again today. Seelva is feeling better and everyone is back at school and work. Here I am, incredibly BORED, so I had to start looking for something to do! I took Raki for a walk and came back and did some dishes, cleaned up around the house a bit, and then started rifling through the pantry. Way in the back I found a breadmaker that I didn't know we have. Naturally, I decided to make BREAD! It's not just any's Mediterranean Black Olive and Herb bread. I have a confession to make's out-of-a-box, just-add-water bread made specially for a breadmaker. Haha! I fooled you all! You thought I was becoming all domestic and making delicious bread from scratch. That takes actual talent, which I do not possess. But the kitchen does smell really good right now. :) Two hours to go in the breadmaker...

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