Saturday, April 15, 2006

Revenge of the Plaquenil!!!

I had my first experience with the adverse effects of the drugs. You know those little stickers on the medicine bottles that warn you about side effects...yea...those aren't just for fun. I have to take a lot of medicine during different times of the day. Most of them recommend that you eat food with the medicine, and normally I do. So far in the process I haven't experienced too many bad side effects, but I didn't eat with the meds two days ago. I spent the next 24 hours totally and completely SICK. I spent the entire night awake and bent over a toilet. Between bouts of vomiting, I was nauseous and trying not to pass out. My head was spinning and my stomach was cramping and I was so tired from the whole process that all I really wanted to do was sleep. Of course Mommy was up with me all night checking my heart rate and helping me clean up the vomit. It's funny how no matter how old you are, when you are throwing up, all you want is your Mommy to come and pat you on the back. Thanks Mommy for the incredible amounts of comfort you bring with just a single touch. I am much better now, although still tired from the whole ordeal. It was just a friendly reminder to not forget that I am on some serious medicine...and...Don't Mess With the Plaquenil!

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