Sunday, August 06, 2006

Princess Imani

Camp Imani was AWESOME! It is always a great experience, but I particularly needed it this year. This would be the first thing that I have done that wasn't in a hospital or my house since March when I had my surgery. It was so great for me to be able to feel even semi-normal again. Although compared to last year, I could easily see that I am still very weakened and cannot do the things I once could. I already sound like a grandma reminiscing about the good old days, don't I? Haha. Well, that's my life and I'll deal with it.

It is soooo fun to be an intern at Camp. Some people have begun calling me Princess Imani because I was practically being pampered the entire time. I could basically do whatever I wanted to. I was ordered to take frequent naps, rest, and not do anything too strenuous. I did mostly everything the other interns did, except for moving some things, and I did skip one day of flagpole. They took extra good care of me. I literally got asked how I was doing about 20 times a day. I appreciated it though. :) Can't wait until next summer when I will be as good as new!

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Carrie said...

YAY!! Sevahn!! I'm so glad you were there and I'm so glad you came home and are still feeling ok... YAY for camp!!