Tuesday, August 22, 2006

New School

So far, so good! It really is exciting to be on such a huge campus, despite the fact that you have to park about a 10-mile hike away from the edge of campus. The parking is insane! By the time you make it to class you are drenched in your own sweat and dehydrated, but besides that I really like UH so far. The classes are huge and there are so many people everywhere. I love the diversity! I have already run into people I knew back in high school, so that has been fun. I was shocked today to hear the professor cursing while he lectured. All the things people say about the Harding bubble is true. It definitely isn't real life. But it was a nice bubble. I might miss it. Although, I must admit hearing that old man curse was hilarious. And there is an awesome student center area...with a starbucks and a smoothie king and a million other restaurants and cafes and such. Yes...be jealous Harding... Another thing to be jealous of is that there is no attendance policy! Hooray for being in a "real college" not a boarding school pretending to be a college!

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