Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First Week of School

Hey friends!
I miss you all and I hope you are well. Today is my second day of school. I am actually in the library killing an hour until my next class. First today, I had Genetics, for which I overslept and missed. Who misses the first day? Really? What an idiot! Then, I had Organic Chemistry directly after, which I made it to. Supposedly the hardest class ever! People who have graduated from medical school in all it's glory still refer to it as the hardest class they EVER took... :( Plus, there's a whole freaking section on it on the MCATs. Pray for me, dear friends. Then, I get an hour and a half break...which I am using today to catch up on emails, printing out notes at the library, etc, but in the near future will become library nap-time. Next, I have Microbiology at 1pm. Then Genetics Lab after that. Luckily the biology labs don't start until week two of school. I did have to go to Organic Chem lab yesterday though. It's going to be a 6 hour lab! Wow! I hope it'll be interesting. Maybe something will explode...that's always fun. I also started working out at the gym regularly again. I guess it's good to be back into a routine. I will also be working part time at the research lab between classes. I have no classes on Fridays, hallelujah! Well, that is my life right now. Just thought you might like an update. :)

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