Thursday, March 01, 2007

One Year Anniversary!

One year ago today I was having HEART SURGERY! Wild!


Timothy said...

that's awesome!!! i'm glad that you are doing better

Anonymous said...

Hello, Please excuse me for invading this blogspace but I could not find any other contact link.

I would like to bring your attention to the following, hoping that brings some understanding to one of the greatest crimes of history.

Christopher Jon Bjerknes has updated his book "The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians"


Rev. Bedros Hajian interviews Christopher Jon Bjerknes
June 5, 2007
Audio File of the Interview (6.5MB)
Video of the Interview on Google

While the interview is in English, the first minute is in Armenian. The discussion is about Bjerknes' book "The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians" and covers: the Turkish Empire, Young Turks, Bolsheviks, the Doenmeh, Emmanuel Carasso, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Shabbatai Zevi, Lev Bronstein a. k. a. "Leon Trotsky", Vladimir Jabotinsky, Alexander Israel Lazarevich Helphand a. k. a. "Parvus", Freemasons, Crypto-Jews, Zionism, World War I, Amalek, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and more.

Rev. Bedros Hajian's second interview with Christopher Jon Bjerknes
June 18, 2007
Audio File of the Interview (6.5MB)
Video of the Interview on Google

While the interview is in English, the first minute is in Armenian. The discussion is about Bjerknes' enlarged second edition of his book "The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians".

Kindest regards

Anonymous said...


I was doing a random search on the internet today looking for some background on Dr. Raizner and I found him mentioned in your blog. I couldn't help but read about how you came to know him and your ordeal.

I really have no idea why I'm writing. Empathy, understanding, enouragement, I don't know...but here I am.

My husband (of 1.5 years) has been my best friend in th world for 26 years. He was a friend of one of my siblings and 12 years older but he always treated me like a little sister. He watched out for me and gave me great advice -- the kind that wise dad's give -- something I didn't have.

He helped me recover from a bad marriage and gave me a job. His heart trouble started while I was working for him. I watched him have his first heart attack in 1994, then I took over as the lead in our business while he recovered. Turned out he had arrythmia and a faulty valve. But, the medications were useless, he burned through them one right after the other becoming immune to each one after about 2 weeks. Then he would be worse off than when he started. It was horrible to watch my friend, brother and protector grow weaker and weaker. Finally I just couldn't take the stress and I quit and moved away.

We stayed in close contact, but it just wasn't the same. He kept getting worse. In 2002 he was given the option of a pace maker but was told it would only give him 10 more years and that his heart muscle couldn't take a second pacemaker at that point because it was growing weaker. So he decided to go all natural and find alternative ways to beat it -- never knowing whether it would work or not.

He had small heart attacks all of the time but in 2003 he had a major one after his wife accused him of some horrible (untrue) things and would not be reasoned with.

I was there that day - we were all celebrating his birthday.

We had been to the doctors so many times, and after seeing how she treated him (he's the most gentle, God-loving man you'll ever meet) I just couldn't call the ambulance. They always said the same thing anyway - it's a weak heart. Then they put him on oxygen, stare and poke at him, then send him home to live out his days.

I watched him die in my arms that day. Watched those breaths get fewer between, listened to his heart beat slow to nothing. Watched his kids come in and say goodbye and his tearful. painful (but few) words.

A few minutes passed after his heart stopped and his breaths ceased, when suddenly he took a in a deep breath and was back! Glory to God!

I worked at a hospice for a couple years, I knew what death was all about so I kid you not, that man was dead...but God changed his mind.

He saw the other side. The angels the light, the colors, the spiritual things. All of it. He told me that God changed his mind because of me. My love. Three days later he died again, but this time he toured heaven, talked to people, walked with God and was given a choice to return. He was warned that it would be painful and hard, but it was his choice..with one stipulation: he had to do what God wanted for his life. He was God's. He chose to live and readily accepted that he was God's own...he had a deep, loving relationship with him anyway so this only promised more of that.

It's been a long, hard road but he's much, much better. With God's help and guidance we were led to different alternative treatments and went from a heart pumping only at about 40% of capacity, and the fluid around his heart to now working at about 80-85% of capacity. Glory to God!!

During his recovery (2 years flat on his back with round the clock assistance) his wife left him, he lost his savings, his business, his home and his memory (from lack of oxygen) -- not in that order. But he never lost faith, not one day. He has never stopped thanking God.

God's way? One day he woke up and knew how to paint. He's painted 100 pieces since then. God has also has amplified his musical talents. However, most recently he has him working on books. Writing books, not just one but several. He just finished his first one which we self published. It's changing people's lives -- God is pouring out his heart through this man I love. Reaching out to his children, to the lost, the abused, the lonely. Praise God, if it helps just one person it was worth all the pain. You know?

Anyway, his heart has been going backwards a little lately. His levels dipping dangerously low. I keep trying to get him to go to a doctor but he says it's pointless -- they all say the same thing. "It's a weak heart," and it's untreatable.

I know God is taking care of it, clearly he has done a miraculous job these last few years. And, I believe in full, instant healings, but for some reason, it's not in God's plan right now.

I was researching Dr. Raizner at the insistence of a good friend and patient of his but I can't seem to convince my husband to see what developments may have been made in the last 3-4 years. You never know.

Then in reading your blog, I realized that I am the one who needs him to see the doctor. It's for me.

I finally found the love of my life, the one who's been my buddy through some very rough times. One who took care of me when I was ready to give up, and who is now in my care. I don't want to lose him. I haven't had long enough.

The more he writes, the more music that comes out, the more paintings, the more I worry that God's almost done with him. My husband is in such a rush to get it all done, and The Lord pushes him along to get it done too.

I don't want to undermine God or question his ways but surely someone must know how to help him.

Now his kids are showing symptoms of it too. I don't want to bury all of them too. Sometimes it's just too much to bear.

I'm hoping God will grant my request to see the doctor and that this time, they will have something constructive and useful to say, but I don't have much hope.

You kept leaving it all in God's hands and he saw you through. I suppose that's my lesson in your writings -- the thing God's trying to say to me here. Keep looking up. "It's in my hands. I've seen you through this far, I won't let go."

Good things must come. They must. Surely he has bigger plans than to have him fade away again. Not like this.

Please pray for wisdom and mercy...and healing. And more faith.

May God bless you! ...Don't waste what he gave you. It's a true miracle. I mean it.

In appreciation,
M-n-M in Dallas