Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Wish

This is the last day of the WORST YEAR EVER!!! Hooray! One year ago, this very week (between Christmas and New Years), was when I first got sick. It would take me three months to find out it was life-threatening.

I have been sick more days this year than I have been well. I have been on steriods almost half of the year, and that has not been pretty. I went from having a pleasing and abundant social life to being consumed with trying to stabilize my life and recover from being sick all the time. No time for fun. 2006 has not been so hot for me, but at the same time it has been a blessing. I am really blessed to have wonderfully supportive family and friends. I am blessed to have lived without much damage. I have come a long way and am feeling pretty good now. There are always slight setbacks, but it is definitely a 3 steps forward, 1 step back type thing. The best part of all is that I have an awesome testimony for God. Isn't that our purpose anyway? We are supposed to be telling everyone about Jesus and how he saved us. I feel so lucky to have such an interesting story to tell. It couldn't be more dramatic if I planned it, and after all, isn't that what people love to hear about? Just escaping death and gore!

Overall, I am ready to start a new year as a healthy, always happy, person. There are definitely things I need to improve on, but I have been praying that there be a shower of blessings on my family. They have stayed close to God despite the troubles that have come upon us this year. There were at least four of us hospitalized this year. Each serious in it's own way. It felt like we were under attack, but God took us under His wing just like He promised. He always does. I hope and pray this year will be a blessing!


Anonymous said...

hang in there kid:D


Carrie said...

Yay for the new best year ever starting!! I'm glad you're here despite the setbacks that brought you back to Houston... you've been such a blessing to me. I feel a sushi celebration coming on.

P.S. Come to lifegroups on Sunday night, my place 5:30... its going to rock!!

Anonymous said...
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