Thursday, June 25, 2009

European Adventures: Part 2

We are leaving to go to the South of France tomorrow. We will be going to Nice and Cannes in France, then onto Monte Carlo, Monaco. AAAHHAHHAHA! Can this be real!? I am excited beyond words! I can't believe it! These are the most amazing places in France. Ocean front suite at the hotel. EEEEEeeeekkkkkkk!

We are having such a great time. We went on a picnic in front of a 5000 year old castle today. Cool, eh? We also went to northern Wales earlier this week, thereby adding another country to the list of countries we visited. We went to London a few days ago and THAT WAS THE MOST FUN OF ALL. We are going back next week again to continue seeing all the sights. Yay!

Love you all and miss you lots.

Sorry that the posts are not coming along as much as I thought, but that's just because there is too much fun to be had! All shall be revealed in time...

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