Sunday, March 15, 2009

Engagement Parties are the Best.

I just came home from an awesome engagement party. Armenian style. Shoorch Bar. Live band. Huge dance floor. Fog machine. Flashing lights. Satin fabric. Chandeliers. Flowing fountains. Abundant alcohol. Delicious food. Pretty dresses. High heels (but not me because of my stupid ankle). Fine then, kitten heels. Lots of boisterous dancing with friends and strangers. A sweet dance with my grandfather who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and doesn't have much longer to go. As we danced he hugged me and wept. Good God! What's a girl to do. I cried too. Then I began salsa dancing.

Thank God for medical school. Otherwise I would have no escape from the awkwardness of Armenian women asking me if I am "next". They send out a blessing that translates as "may your luck be opened." Basically it means, I hope you will be the next lucky one. This is a compliment, but it can just as easily be disguised as a passive aggressive all depends on who you are talking to. Luckily I have more friends than foes in the Armenian world. The older ladies are the ones who (much like the church of christ) are ready to diagnose you. "Come on girl! Maybe you are being too picky. I know! You need a nice Armenian boy. Get with the program. Oh! You got into medical school. Good girl. In that case, it's okay. You were busy studying all the time. Well, good for you. You know there are many good Armenian men in California. There are medical schools in California. You should go to school there. You should find a husband there. In fact, my grandson is visiting from there. Here he is..."

You can imagine how it goes from there. Even though it can be weird, I secretly love it. It is just too hilarious not to enjoy every awkward second. I know it's not the world I belong to, but it sure is fun to party with them every once in a while. If there is one thing that can be said about Armenians, it is that they know how to have a good time.

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Anait said...

ahahahahahah I was talking to my grandmother on the phone the other day, and the first thing she asks me: "have you found a nice Armenian boy yet?". Then, when I say no, the follow up question is: "chaxatsel-es???" lol.