Tuesday, January 20, 2009

7 Months Left to Live

To My Most Devoted Fan:

I only have 7 months left to live...I mean really LIVE it up! I start Medical School in August, sooooo...

I need some spontaneity in my life...no one else ever wants to rollerblade at midnight with me or go discover some amazing little cafe downtown or listen to weird and different music all day long or just drive around until something fun happens or play scrabble all day or just take long naps on the couches/watch movies at the same time or watch VH1 marathons until 5am or make fun of Flavor of Love, yet secretly love it, or get hit on by Flava Flav in person... We have more fun on accident than most have on purpose. All that to say, I miss you. Come see me. Maybe I'll come see you in February sometime. Joe T. keeps calling my name.


Payton Bartee said...

I went rollerblading today, too! Call me up when you want company.

the great kali-llama said...

Haha, I kept reading this and was like- hey we did that!! :)

I AM your most devoted fan! Come visit!!