Friday, March 31, 2006

My Own Bed

So, I have been sleeping upstairs the last few nights. I still camp out downstairs during the day, but I wanted to start sleeping in my own bed. It works out pretty well because by the time I get to the top of the stairs, I am exhausted and fall straight to sleep. Yay for my bed!

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sarcastictothebone said...

hey sevan i know you might be feeling totally wrecked out and everything , but sweety your a strong person , we armenians are strong remember what we've been through we still prevail and go on , i know you can make it till the top, it's really hard to be a regular college student all of a sudden out of the blues you get to be diagnosed with something totally serious and things get flipped upside down and u think all ur dreams get shattered, u should never loose hope, sev! btw my cousin's name is sevan i love her a lot, i know maybe your plans will be altered a bit but u have a grt persistance and if u need anything u can always count on ur family and friends even me .

i wanna wish u all the best of luck and hope things will get better take care